Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Modern architectural wonders of green technology

With an irresponsible attitude of social community members toward the preservation of the environment and its resources, scientists were prompted to take steps to curb wastage of natural resources. The green technology has been developed with the help of environmental science and green chemistry.The green technology comes in different forms, i.e., a lot of architectural wonders are created using this green wonder. It is at the forefront of the environment protection. The modern architectural wonders of green technology reveals artistic excellence.

1. Lilypad

The Lilypad project was envisioned by Vincent Callebaut, a renowned architect. It's a project that will be one of its kind in a millennium. The avant-garde setup is an evolution of sea habitat for climate refugees. A series of floating cities or islands that would house 50,000 residents has all kinds of modern amenities and is a pledge to environment protection. Solar energy is the main driving force, the homes in these floating cities consist of green walls and roofs.

2. Bahrain houses

Middle east is supposedly facing a revolutionary trend in terms of going green. The Wind Turbines set in the desert area is one of the first of its kind to generate power to commercial establishment and integrated on the Bahrain World Center, they spell history and promise a pollution free environment. However, it is only after a detailed analysis that one will get to know of its actual power generation potential.

3. Maglev Wind Turbine

It is currently an underlying concept which is probably the coolest futuristic vision and the brightest one too! It aims to generate approximately one gigawatt of power that means lighting up a whole city with just a magnetically levitated wind turbine. Developed by Chinese, Guazonghou Energy Institute, it is a breakthrough in the scientific age and intends to take the Green Technology torchlight ahead.

4. Las Vegas City Center

A dream project which is taking shape at the world's luxurious casino, Las Vegas, this project is a trademark resources preservation project and an ode to environment conservation. It is a sustainable project that practices the following environment-friendly steps - boasts of natural lighting, promises ecofriendly products and most importantly recycling of hazardous waste. It is certainly ready to earn kudos from tourists around the world who visit Las Vegas for fun, excitement, and money.

5. Rotating Tower

Spectacular rotating tower to add to its green list - an architectural miracle, the Rotating Tower again adds a feather to the Middle East's architectural wonders after the Burj-Al-Arab and Bahrain's Wind Turbines. The Rotating Skyscraper is wind powered that rotates independently to give residents the freedom to choose their view and is power housed by wind turbines. Dubai is another wonderful and exciting place after Las Vegas.

6. Chicago Architectural Club

Due to the inefficiency of the earlier Chicago Spire, the Solar Spiral came into existence. The Solar Spiral is a power plant and a modern social amenity that can be used to held conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. It provides silence and inexpensive solar power to both business and public. This unique concept is an answer to the pollution and hazards spread in the environment.

7. Urban Farm, Urban Epicenter style

An urban proposal, that sparkles eyes for its interesting and innovative concept. It tends to create habitats with civic facilities as water recycling and food production. Citizens can get a chance to relax in the lap of nature. Natural lighting and ventilation lights up the skyscrapers and is meant to provide a healthy lifestyle for the residents. Fresh air and fresh water, which in today's world is a luxury are its basic facilities.

8. Dongtan EcoCity 2010, China

The hub of industrialization, it is an ecofriendly and environment concerned nation despite its high population. The eco city was show cased at Shanghai's Expo 2010 and is proposed to grow like any other city by the year 2040. The eco-city's prime concern would be to recycle food and water and conserve environmental resources. A modern design, cleaner environment, and healthy lifestyle eagerly awaits the residents.

9. Entangled Bank

An integrated unit of house or business units where each business is self-reliant yet surviving on the same resources. It is proposed to be set up in Dallas, a small place in North America. Each unit flaunts a skyscraper that is topped up with a sky garden. Renewable energy generators, glass retention ponds give the units a natural uplift and recycling water, that's powered by vertical axis wind turbines.

10. California academy of sciences museum

Museums are meant to display not only antiques and traditional artefacts, but also modern exceptions. Designed by Italian architect, Renzo Piano, it's a 484 million dollar project that will be the most largest public building and will qualify under U.S. Council's LEED rankings. The museum will house a planetarium, fresh salt water aquarium with salt water available from the Pacific Ocean, a rain forest with flying birds that will be a treat to people's eyes and senses and will rejunevate their moods. This will also be a delight for kids.

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